Wooden Rings

Forever Metals takes pride in carrying more than 600 styles of tungsten rings in stock. To find the best style for you or your significant other please take a look through our website or call our Sales team if further assistance is needed.

Wooden Rings

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Why Choose A Wooden Tungsten Ring From Forever Metals?

We promise to deliver the style you want and if you don’t see it, we’ll make it! Below is a brief description of many of our inlay styles we carry. In addition to the inlay rings, Forever Metals also carries a full line of classic bands, black tungsten, gold tungsten, Claddagh rings and even wide width rugged rings.

Wood Inlay Tungsten Rings: Forever Metals manufactures a genuine redwood inlay that varies in color from a medium red brown to a dark rich red brown shade. The redwood inlay features classic wood grain and no two rings will be alike. The inlay is centered in a tungsten carbide ring and protected by a liquid crystal to ensure durability under all circumstances.

Tungsten Carbide Rings with Abalone Shell Inlays: The Abalone shell inlays features the rich desired colors of the sea. The swirling greens, purples and other earth tones complement each other creating a ring that both men and women would like to wear. The genuine shell insert in centered in a tungsten band and coated in a liquid crystal allowing this fragile inlay to have rugged durability to withhold all elements.

Precious Metal Palladium Inlays paired with Tungsten: Forever Metals can inlay rings with the durable Palladium which is a more affordable option to Platinum. The platinum/silver blend is inlaid into the center of a brushed tungsten band to allow for the desires two toned shade that so many want to wear. The Palladium inlays are more durable than standard gold and platinum to allow for everyday wear in any working industry.

Tungsten Bands with Black Ceramic Inlays: Black ceramic inlays are the perfect lightweight inlay option to pair with tungsten carbide. The ceramic is as durable as the tungsten to achieve the ultimate ring style that can even be worn during the toughest of jobs. The black ceramic comes in several styles that allow for easy shopping for all couples.

Tungsten Carbide Rings with Carved Inlays: When a subtle inlay is desire look no further than a carved inlay. The inlay appearance is actual just a design change in the standard tungsten appearance. Carved inlays allow for a two tone appearance, the popular braided inlay look or even words carved into the metal. Forever Metals carries many carved inlays and custom orders are always welcomed!

Last Updated: June 1, 2017.