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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about Tungsten Engagement Bands

This is not recommended. Platinum, gold, copper and silver rings can be affected to shrink or enlarge and can be done at any reputable jeweler to fit any finger. Tungsten, ceramic and titanium rings are more difficult to resize, and in most cases are not worth the associated processing costs. Also, design of an inlay or a beveled edge could restrict shaving a fractional layer off the inside of a ring to gain that ¼ to a ½ size difference. In many cases, the appearance of a resized ring might be worse. Therefore, Forever Metals is pleased to replace any ring through the guidelines expressed in our ‘exchange program’. Here is a more in depth answer to can tungsten rings be resized.

In order to respond to our customers’ requirements more effectively, Forever Metals carries all standard rings in stock. Although customizing a ring is not a difficult process, we usually require 30 days to finalize customer specification, typically through e-mail. We will work closely with the customer regarding its design (picture, logo, tattoo, fonts, etc.) in order to craft precisely to customer’s requirements. Sorry, there are no returns after the ring has been customized unless the fault lies with the manufacturer or Forever Metals.

Forever Metals is especially proud of our comfort fit rings and you can be assured that this is what you’ll get. This provides optimal comfort whether one places, wears, or removes the ring. Our comfort fit rings are made that way by rounding the inside edges which results in for a smooth surface. Other straight fit brands will most likely have sharp, cutting edges which make it necessary to remove while performing many activities and sports.

Maybe. Tungsten is the most scratch resistant metal available. Like most other materials on earth, it is possible to scratch tungsten carbide and it can be shown that under extreme conditions like the abrasion from diamonds or corundum. Under normal wear, activities that would normally require the removal of conventional wedding bands can be performed without concern by one wearing our tungsten carbide wedding band. While extremely strong and scratch-resistant, our outstanding warranty covers even the unlikely event that your tungsten carbide ring chips or breaks. If for any reason a ring needs to be exchanged for a different size, re-polished, re-textured, Forever Metals allow exchange through our exchange policy.

You can go to your local jeweler which is generally a free service provided by them. If that’s not an option, our website provides a means to determine this by yourself. However, should you purchase a ring or band and find out later that it doesn’t fit, we can exchange it at no cost to you.

Absolutely. We work with our customer very closely to develop the specific requirements and pride ourselves on the principal of ‘Do it right the first time’. This makes sense to all of us at Forever Metals and to you, our special customer.

Any ring can be sent back for refinishing. There is a 20% of original ring sale price service fee plus a shipping and handling fee associated with this service. Please allow up to 60 days from receipt of our delivery for this request to be processed and completed. For replacement, please review our exchange program details.

Tungsten, ceramic or titanium rings can easily be slid off your finger using butter, liquid soap, or hand cream. If your finger gets injured and swells, the ring can be cut by a professional using a ring cutting tool. Rings which are extremely hard, like tungsten carbide rings, can usually be removed by cracking them into pieces with a standard vice grip style locking pliers. Tungsten has properties where rather than bending and crushing, it most likely would fracture into several pieces and fall off your finger freely. As a last resort, every hospital emergency room will be equipped to remove any ring or band. In depth look at can tungsten rings be cut off.

Forever Metals will not give out your confidential information to anyone. Our customers’ privacy is of utmost concern to us as we hope to maintain a long term relationship with you.

Absolutely. Please review our return policy for specific details. In most cases, we will accept the return with no questions asked, providing it meets the requirements of our return policy calendar. We are especially pleased with our user-friendly exchange policy which is essentially our lifetime warranty to you. Customized rings cannot be returned unless it can be shown that the quality of the customization was the reason.

Due to the fall of commodity prices recently, the cost of metallic rings everywhere has decreased. Consequently, we have marked down our prices to our customers and feel we are very competitive. It is impossible to tell whether we’re the lowest cost provider for each of our rings, but we will match or beat any jewelry provider if it can be shown that it is a comparable ring and sold within the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Be sure to read some tungsten rings more expensive others.

One-half and whole sizes are stocked and readily available to you. Typically, this offering will accommodate most people. Generally, an increase or decrease of a half size works out. If necessary however, we can provide you with a ring in a quarter size, but it may not be ready for same-day shipping.

Most of Forever Metals styles are manufactured in sizes 4 through 15 to accommodate majority of our customer needs. Extra large and extra small ring sizes have been manufactured in the past. Currently our smallest ring size in stock is a ring size 1.75 and our largest ring size is 16.5. Visit ring designs EuropaUnityVirgoMirageTitanicHeliosManhattanand Plato for your extra large ring size needs. For the women, most EclipseEuropa and Turbo ring styles can be found in extra small ring sizes below ring size 4.

Forever Metals is located in Yorkville, Illinois, United States. Forever Metals honors same day shipping prior to 3 PM central standard time. All shipments are expedited for free and typically arrive within 4 business days. Delivery can arrive as soon as 1-2 days in the north central United States. United States express delivery does not guarantee all United States locations overnight delivery, it may take a second day. Canada arrives within 2-6 business days depending on customs clearance. International of North America typically arrives after 6 business days depending on customs clearance. Tracking is available for all delivery options.

Forever Metals has three ways to engrave on tungsten:

  1. Laser Engraving is our most common method of engraving text and designs. Laser engraving is grey in color and is the only method used to engrave the inner diameter of a metal ring. Laser engraving will not irritate the skin and is smooth to the touch. Laser Engraving can be applied in several different methods to achieve different effects. Laser engraving can be applied twice over to reach a deeper contrast of color. See our Camouflage ring for contacting effects. Laser engraving can also be applied in a reverse methodology to outline a shape or design rather then the design itself.
  2. Carved engravings on a finished metal ring needs a special diamond cutter machine. Tungsten and ceramic are extremely hard and dense making this type of engraving more difficult. Surface material is not able to cut into and away without the metal loosing part of its structural integrity. This type of engraving is recommended for light and shallow designs without attention to detail. See our Greek Key carved signet rings for shallow carving effects.
  3. Sculpted carved engravings is a Forever Metals specialty. Forever Metals is one of few companies that offer this type of engraving. To sculpt and carve tungsten in this fashion, a rough mould needs to be shaped prior to tungsten sinter. After a mould is created tungsten, carbide and nickel powder are pressed into the mould. After pressing, the product is ready for the oven to sinter. The tungsten rough is soft before sinter, so it’s easier to do the engraving. The bottom of the pattern will look dark and can not be polished. The sculpted design must be a larger pattern to maintain structural integrity. See our Oracle Carved knot work wedding band for deep carving effects.

Commercially pure Titanium is a smoky silver metal with hints of charcoal. Titanium is darker then chrome cobalt, white gold, silver and platinum. A polished titanium ring is similar in color to a polished tungsten ring. Not sure on a decision, real tungsten vs titanium for in depth review.

Titanium rings are allergy free. With 99% certainty, your skin will not discolor or irritate. Titanium is non-magnetic, perfect in environments when working with electricity or electromagnetic metal equipment. Titanium rings are also extremely light weight. Titanium is light weight and is as tough as steel.

Cobalt Chrome rings are known as the Platinum alternative rings do to the color resemblances. Cobalt Chrome is the whitest of the spectrum of alternative metals before you start buying into more expensive precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

Cobalt chrome rings are much lighter shade of metal. Cobalt chrome rings pair up nicely with your significant other’s wedding band when trying to match the color and properties of that of a more expensive precious metal such as white gold or platinum.

There are many pros and cons wedding ring metals. Precious metal wedding bands such as silver, gold and platinum rings are expensive do to their rarity. These rings scratch and lose their luster the easiest. Precious metal rings can be resized by adding or cutting metal from the ring. Second class of rings are your light weight malleable rings such as titanium rings and chrome cobalt rings. These rings cannot be resized and are ideal for intricate designs that need to hold their design without compromising ring integrity. Titanium and cobalt chrome rings like precious metal rings scratch and tear under extreme conditions. Third class of rings are your dense rings such as ceramic and tungsten rings. Ceramic rings are light weight and tungsten rings are heavy. Ceramic and tungsten rings can crack and chip under circumstance and are the least likely wedding band to scratch and discolor. It is Forever Metals opinion that tungsten rings make the best wedding bands. Learn about tungsten and titanium and how to find quality tungsten rings.

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