Tungsten Rings

When you want nothing but the best for the love of your life, choose a tungsten ring. Tungsten rings are perfect celebratory selections to commemorate love, anniversaries, friendships and achievement. When you say tungsten rings, you are making a promise of forever.

A tungsten ring is made from tungsten carbide. It is the most scratch-resistant metal around. It is also one of the most durable of all metals. This make it perfect for tungsten rings and what these rings symbolize. When you want to a tungsten ring to seal a promise of forever, forever is what you’ll get.

Forever Metals is a trusted brand of tungsten rings. We are the preferred supplier of quality rings all over North America.

We offer you free shipping, custom orders, and lifetime warranty and lifetime trade-in options on all our rings. With a ring from Forever Metals, your dream of forever is guaranteed.


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Showing 1–12 of 25 results

Forever Metals is the Trusted Name in Tungsten Rings in the US

Show your love and devotion with a tungsten ring. These tungsten rings signify your love and devotion – be it to a partner, lover, friend or family. A tungsten ring is about your promise of forever, a promise you show and keep through durable and scratch-resistant tungsten rings.


Tungsten rings have Swedish roots. The key material in tungsten rings — tungsten — is also called Wolfram (thus, its chemical symbol “W”), which means “heavy stone.” It comes from the mineral wolframite, which literally translates to “devourer of tin.” This is because wolframite gets in the way of the smelting of tin. In fact, it is the metal with the highest melting point, at an amazing 6,191.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Use this in rings and you get some of the toughest rings possible.


Tungsten and, thereby, tungsten rings rate at a high 9 in the Mohs hardness scale, right next to the diamond’s 10 rating. These rings are two to three times harder than titanium and cobalt chrome. It is no wonder that these rings have come symbolize forever. These make tungsten rings worthwhile investments, and fitting symbols of lifetime commitments.

Of course, there are more to tungsten rings than just their hardness. You will find good reasons why these rings stand out as some of your best ring choices.


One of the best things about these rings is that they are more affordable than metals in the same caliber, such as platinum, gold and white gold.

And, even at their lower price points, it is one of the hardest metals around. You can see this in the weight and feel of these rings. As mementos and symbols of forever, you get that apt feeling around your finger—solid, weighty and real.

Because of its heaviness, tungsten rings don’t break easy. They are also not bendable, unlike gold and other soft metals. So, in its best to get a tungsten ring that is the right size, as these tungsten rings cannot be resized. In any case, reliable tungsten ring providers, such as Forever Metals, offer lifetime exchange guarantee, should you outgrow your ring size.

In the same way, you need not be worried of the innate hardness of these rings. In case of emergencies, enough force can shatter or fracture the ring. It is not like gold, which is known to bend out of shape and increase the risk of injury. In cases like these, you can rely on Forever Metals to cover your replacement rings.

Another plus with choosing rings is that their tungsten carbide material is the most scratch resistant metal around. Because of this, it is able to keep its finish for practically forever. In the same way, your promise lives on forever too!


And don’t worry, these tungsten rings are known to be hypoallergenic. You can give it to anyone and not have to consider skin compatibility or anything like that. Even people who are allergic to gold can wear these rings confidently.

You can get these rings in different colors, such as black, white and classic gray.

When you get tungsten rings from Forever Metals, you get top quality guaranteed, and a free lifetime warranty. In the very slim chance that the ring cracks or breaks, we will immediately issue a free replacement – no question asked! Forever Metals believes in not only gaining a customer but also creating a relationship with our customers that will keep people coming back to us.

Forever Metals is a winner of the 2013 and 2014 Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award. We are your one stop shop for rings. You can choose from colored tungsten rings in black and gold with widths of up to 16mm.

Why Choose A Tungsten Ring from Forever Metals?

Tungsten rings are more than just fashionable accessories for men and women. These tungsten rings say a lot about you and your commitment and priorities. These rings are dreams that come true and promises fulfilled.

For timeless rings and quality that simply cannot be matched, choose Forever Metals tungsten rings. The best tungsten wedding bands from Forever Metals is a ring that lasts forever.