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When nothing but the best will do for the love of your life, choose a tungsten ring. Tungsten carbide rings are the perfect selection for their durability and forever polished finish. Both men and women can wear these amazing wedding bands. Forever Metals, a trusted brand, offers a lifetime warranty, lifetime trade in, custom orders and free shipping.

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The decision to marry is often sealed with a ring, a kiss too, but it's the ring that every one wants to see. Let your ring be the envy of many with a tungsten ring from Forever Metals. We have the price you're looking for and the style that will amaze.


Why Choose a Tungsten Rings?

Tungsten Carbide Rings are developed from tungsten metal and carbide powder. The two are forged together creating a virtually indestructible ring. Forever Metals stands behind the quality of our rings 100% by offering a free lifetime warranty on all ring purchases. If, at any time a ring purchased from Forever Metals cracks or breaks we will immediately issue a free replacement. That's right, we will issue a free replacement for life. Forever Metals believes in not only gaining a customer but also creating a relationship with our customers that will keep people coming back to us.

There are Wedding Bands for Everyone, Men Rings and Women Rings
Forever Metals is a winner of the 2013 and 2014 Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award. We are your one stop shop for tungsten carbide wedding bands. Our selections include the Celtic collection featuring the symbolic Claddagh ring. Genuine Abalone shell inlays with rich colors. Quality redwood inlays in mahogany. Colored tungsten rings in black and gold and widths to a 16mm. Forever Metals also has a beautiful classic wedding band collection that fit the needs of those seeking a traditional ring.

Why Choose A Tungsten Ring From Forever Metals?

Jewelry is a fashionable accessory for men and women. When you want something that says more than just, "I'm wearing a ring," choose a tungsten ring. Our rings are both classic and fashionable for everyday wear. Forever Metals wants to be the source of making your dreams come true by bringing high quality rings. Our company is the most useful link to both Tungsten and Titanium wedding bands at the highest standards of quality and price. This is our guarantee.

Wedding bands and engagement rings will be one of the most enduring pieces of your wedding day. Not only are they an important element of becoming married, but they are also a long lasting symbol of your love and commitment. You will want to choose jewelry that is timeless and high quality. You will want to choose a ring from Forever Metals, a trusted brand of rings, manufactured in the USA.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018.
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