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4 Popular Ring Shapes and Ring Edges

dome shape edge

Dome Shape Edge

Dome shape rings have a curvature that reflects light from all directions and has a sleek appearance.



beveled edge

Beveled Edge

Beveled edge rings are flat on top with 45 degree edges angling down from the surface.



step down edge

Step Down Edge

Step down edge rings are flat on top and have single steps coming off the edge of the ring.



flat pipe cut edge

Flat Pipe Cut Edge

Flat rings are some of Forever Metals most popular selling rings. Flat rings have desired pipe cut appearance in their style.



Unique Ring Shapes and Edges

In opting for a custom ring design, start your search by selecting an edge. Choose from one of the four popular edges, or bring Forever Metals your own design. Forever Metals has designed thousands of facet and non traditional unique ring shapes. Precious metal and traditional inlays are designed to exhibit contrasting textured appearance after normal wear. Choose from thousands of inlays, your options are endless.

Last Updated: October 8, 2018