Claddagh Rings

Claddagh Rings have come a long way from its Irish roots. The ring symbolizes friendship, loyalty and love. It is given as a valuable keepsake or a promise between lovers, friends or family.

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What You Should Know About Your Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings have a rich history. It goes beyond its popular usage in the 19th and 20th centuries, when a Claddagh ring was commonly exchanged between lovers; or even its common use today as travel keepsakes.


How did the Claddagh Ring Come About?

Did you know that legends surround the now-popular Claddagh ring? It’s actually fascinating to realize the richness that come with each ring bought.


The Prince, the Common Maid, and the Claddagh Ring

One of the claddagh ring stories goes like this: there was once a prince who fell in love with a common maid. The maid’s father doubted his intentions. After all, there was the big class disparity between their families. The father thought that the prince would just take his daughter for granted.

To convince the father that love was his sole intention; the prince had a ring forged. This ring was festooned with hands that represented friendship, a crown to symbolize loyalty, and a heart to speak of his love.

The prince met with the family, and proposed to the daughter with this ring. Upon hearing about the symbolism of the ring, the father gave his blessing. This ring would later be known as the Claddagh ring.


The Claddagh Ring and the Joyce Clan

Another legendary story – one that is closer to the more commonly accepted one – involves Margareth Joyce of the Joyce clan. In the story, she meets Domingo de Rona, a rich Spanish merchant. They lived their married life in Spain, until de Rona passed away. Margareth decided to move back to her native Ireland, where she later remarried Oliver Ogffrench, Galway’s mayor.

Margareth inherited a huge sum from her first husband’s passing, and she used this money to build bridges in Connacht and do charitable work. The fates were so happy with her work that, one day, an eagle dropped a Claddagh ring on her lap.


The Historically Accepted Origin of the Claddagh Ring

Of all the legends, one story stands out and is the accepted origin of Claddagh rings. The ring is actually credited to Richard Joyce, a slave in the West Indies who was taken by Mediterranean pirates. He was trained in metal craftsmanship when he was sold to a Moorish goldsmith. Upon gaining freedom, he put up a jewelry business in Galway city in Ireland. The village of Claddagh was just outside of Galway – and it was history ever since. He forged the first Claddagh rings -- and now, how far has it gone!


How to Wear Your Claddagh Ring!

Claddagh rings symbolize so many things to different people. But, at its core is its representation of love, friendship and loyalty. These are what the heart, hands and crown respectively represent. Arguably, it is what makes the Claddagh ring one of our most popular rings.

The meaning of the Claddagh ring depends on how you wear it.

Traditionally, the ring is worn on the right hand, with the heart facing away from the body. This communicates your heart’s openness. It also means that you are single and looking for another open heart.

When the ring is worn on the same hand but with the heart facing inward, the ring means that you have found love and are in a relationship.

The ring is worn on the left hand if your relationship has taken the next step. If you are engaged, then the heart faces away from the body. If you are married, then the heart faces inward.

When you give a ring as a gift to your loved one, you add to the ring history. It is no longer just about a prince and his maiden; it is not just about a widow; it goes beyond its maker’s story of hardship and survival. This ring becomes your promise of love, friendship and loyalty; and it is a promise that’s meant to last a lifetime.


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