Stackable Rings

Stackable tungsten rings are popular in 2mm and 3mm widths. The thin, delicate yet durable tungsten ring is easily paired up with multiple rings to create a unique look. Purchase different finishes for a one of a kind, trendy look.

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Tungsten Rings are ideal for men but also for women.

Tungsten carbide rings were originally manufactured with male shoppers in mind. The rugged durability of tungsten screamed masculinity, however, not anymore. Tungsten rings are not only ideal for men but also for women who are seeking a low maintenance that is beautiful all while staying in a low budget. Forever Metals manufactures over 600 styles of rings and the entire collection is available in both men and women sizing. The size range typically begins at a 5 which is below the average finger size of a women. Many styles are also available in thinner, more feminine widths to allow for ultimate comfort through continuous wear. Below are many of the popular styles that we frequently see our women shoppers purchase. The Tungsten Carbide Claddagh Ring: The Claddagh ring is manufactured in many styles and price points that allow for easy, stress free shopping. There is also multiple finishes available for a Claddagh ring that is acceptable to be worn as an engagement ring, wedding band or just a fashion ring. The Regal Abalone Shell Inlay Ring: The Regal Abalone shell ring is popular for men and women. The durable high polished tungsten with the genuine shell inlay truly makes for a remarkable ring style. The Abalone colors reflect the earthy tones in the sea with rich blues, greens, purples and grey swirled together. Fingerprint Engravings: The fingerprint engraving is traditionally purchased with a classic flat or dome shaped ring. The genuine fingerprint engraving provided through an ink print is then engraved on the inner or outer diameter of the tungsten ring. Fingerprint engravings are poplar for both spouses and parents. There are many more styles than to what we have listed. To view the full collection of finer tungsten rings and wedding bands please click the all tungsten rings link to the left of the page. Last Updated: February 14, 2018.
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