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Forever metals offers custom rings and custom tungsten wedding bands. Build your lifelong ring to your hearts desire. Forever Metals customer service is available to help you design your ring to your requirements no matter how complex.

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Should you just want pricing to ensure yourself that Forever Metals is competitive, email us or call at 1-630-938-4703 for an estimate. If you’re ready to get started and to receive our quote, we need you to provide us with the exact detail with your ideas and/or pictures or sketches of your desired ring. Simply mark below on the ring diagram your text or other insignia as you desire including inner and outer engraving, tattoos, pictures, fonts, oriental symbols, or company logo and email it off to us. Select a ring size and type, a ring width, and a finish to complete the order.

A few examples that we suggest are tungsten carbide, ceramic, chrome cobalt and titanium rings which can be made to your wedding band specifications. Rings can also be made with silver, white, yellow or rose gold and other precious metals to complement your sense of style. Customized tungsten carbide rings make perfect wedding bands, promise rings and fashion rings. These rings can also be fabricated with stone settings or Celtic symbols accompanied with words of your choice.

The customization options are endless. Forever Metals may also provide different stones, inlays, and sculptured or carved artistry. Provide us with the engraved inner and outer portions of an engagement ring including your artwork, tattoos, pictures, fonts, oriental symbols, or even your company logo. We can sculpture, braid, weave, inlay wood, two-tone a finish or carve an anodized IP color into your engagement ring.

Gemstones, shell inlays, and precious metal inlays are difficult and in most cases cost prohibitive and therefore not recommended. If the style you desire is not listed on our website, please email or call us with your request. Special finish or special edged rings may be possible but determined on a case by case basis. Please note that you must specify special request polishes or specialty edges. Forever Metals can alter all gold and black finishes to full or partial color.

Forever Metals offers a choice of three different stones to be customized into your ring. Standard customization allows for a standard colorless cubic zirconia to be burnishing into the tungsten. Executive customization allows for 1-3 colorless diamonds to be burnished into the tungsten. Premium customization allows for 6 colorless diamonds to be burnished into the tungsten.

Delivered stones may be used for customization. Stones must be 3mm in width or less and must be accompanied with bezels. Stones must have a unique hardness to be burnished into the tungsten. Customer delivered packages assume all responsibilities when delivering packages. Burnishing weak and fragile gemstones could result in a cracked stone.

A precious metal inlay has approximately 2 grams to 1.5 grams of precious metal in depth and width, depending on the proportion of the width of the tungsten ring. The inlays are typically made in 2mm to 1mm width, depending on the proportion of the width of the tungsten ring. For a cheaper alternative, you may customize a ring to be plated or inlaid with a less expensive metal such as silver or zirconium. Each ring comes with comfort fit. This sleek design meets classic wedding band to create a trendy look to show your dedication in style.
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