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Statement rings allow oneself to step out outside the box of their normal lifestyle and define themselves as unique one of a kind individual. Bring confidence and be bold outside your comfort zone.

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    Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wedding Band There are many important factors to consider when making a purchase that will last you a lifetime. Purchasing a wedding band can be as easy as walking into a store and walking out with a style you like or more thought can be put into this important purchase. A Wedding band is a purchase that can be worn for the rest of your life. The style of the ring is most important factor however couples need to consider the durability, warranty and price as well.Style: The style of the ring is of utmost importance. Keep in mind the ring will be on your finger daily and you need to like the look of it. However besides the initial style you need to consider if this is a ring that you will like 10-15 years from now. Currently black tungsten rings are popular and many initially like the look however in 10 years you may want to switch out for a more classic, less trendy style. Another important factor of style is how it matches with your significant other. Do the rings complement each other or are they completely different. Wedding bands do not have to match however considering that factor initially help with any buyer’s remorse years down the road. Lastly, this is your purchase and it is best to purchase what you like. Hearing others opinions is very important however this is the ring you will be wearing.Durability: The durability of the ring ensures that the ring you purchase to wear for your wedding band still looks great years down the road. We recommend researching different metals to see which would work best for you. The least expensive metals are silver and stainless steel. The style selection of both metals are great however the ring may not look that great within a few years due to scratching. If this happens a new ring is inevitable. We recommend stronger metals such as platinum and Tungsten carbide. Both metals are very strong, very durable and will look great 10 years from now. Titanium is another metal to consider for durability. However there is different grades of titanium so make sure that is taken into account.Price: The price of wedding bands is on every couples mind. There is typically a wedding budget and sticking to the budget it difficult. Taking into the account of style and durability you will find that platinum and gold is in a much higher bracket than lesser traditional metals. Tungsten and titanium, two very durable metals will maintain a price level most couples can afford.Warranties: Warranties are always important when shopping for a ring. The warranty will protect the investment made and help feel more secure in the purchase. Look for lifetime warranties and repair services to ensure the ring purchased will look great for years to come.Last Updated: June 3, 2017.