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Tungsten wedding bands are no the longer the standard, silver band in one width found in just a few jewelry stores. Tungsten rings now come in various widths, designs and finishes to accommodate virtually every shopper searching for a ring. Below you will find a brief descriptions of a few trends in the market currently. However, any style of ring chosen will be sure to impress any one wearing the ring.

Women’s Tungsten Bands: Tungsten rings are no longer only for men, many women are now purchasing these rings to own a durable, beautiful ring that is affordable as well. Most tungsten rings companies are now able to accommodate the rings women want to wear in smaller sizes and thinner widths without taking away the beauty of any design chosen. Tungsten wedding bands are especially popular among younger couples that are on a strict budget that may have intentions of upgrading to precious metals many years down the line.

Tungsten Promise Rings: Promise rings are making a comeback for couples that want to marry but would like to wait a few years to do so. The most popular styles used for promise rings are Celtic styles consisting of the Irish love knot and popular Claddagh ring. Promise rings are worn by both men and women and symbolize devotion without the expensive wedding planning.

Inlay Rings: Inlay rings have always been popular for couples seeking a unique wedding band to wear. Inlay tungsten rings combine a unique inlay protected by the durable tungsten. Inlays consist of genuine wood in various shades, colorful abalone shell consisting of shades found in the ocean, precious metals in gold and platinum, carbon fiber, ceramic, titanium and silver.

Gold Tungsten Rings: Gold wedding bands manufactured using tungsten carbide have the appearance of gold without the high costs associated with the metal. Gold tungsten rings are zirconium plated to have the gold look and are extremely durable under any condition. Men and women like the look of gold tungsten when searching form an affordable yet traditional wedding band.

Besides the trends listed above, there are many more to choose from. Tungsten rings are come in many styles including classic wedding bands, black tungsten rings, wide width rings which consist of widths above 10mm and carved wedding bands. Tungsten carbide bands can also be laser engraved with personal messages including an actual fingerprint and handprint engraving. When searching for the right companies to purchase from it is best to check for a BBB logo and any warranties the companies offer. This will ensure credibility and help a customer to feel secure in the purchases made.

Last Updated: January 29, 2020

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