Do Ceramic Wedding Bands Break Easily

Can ceramic rings be used for wedding bands?

Can ceramic rings be used for wedding bands? Ceramic rings are becoming a fashion trend among men and women that desire a stylish ring that is both lightweight and durable. Ceramic rings are designed from a combination of ceramic powder, pure in form and zirconium. Zirconium is similar to titanium in terms of weight and durability. The two materials are then heated to approximately 6000-7000 degrees in which they are then formed into rings that are harder than titanium. The hardness of ceramic rings is similar to the hardness of tungsten carbide rings, however much lighter in weight.

In the past ceramic jewelry was used just for fashion. Ceramic is most commonly found to be black however in recent years white and pink have become popular. Ceramic jewelry is not exclusive to these three colors however these colors are the only ones that will not fade over time. Ceramic is also scratch proof which makes it popular for those that work with their hands.

Many companies now feature ceramic rings for wedding jewelry and wedding bands. Ceramic is vibrant, unique and comfortable to be worn. The amazingly lightweight trait makes the wear ability very easy for both men and women. Common designs include simple dome shaped styles, flat bands and ceramic inlays combined with both tungsten carbide and titanium rings. Colored ceramic rings such as white ceramic rings and black brushed ceramic rings are colored throughout the entire ring therefore scratches or small cracks will not easily be seen. Prices for ceramic is competitive and usually low in cost. Unique designs can even be lasered onto the ring to make the ring more special and personal. Ceramic fashion rings will continue to gain popularity with both men and women for years to come.

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