Carbon Fiber Rings

Carbon Fiber rings have some distinct advantages.

If you want something that has more durability than even titanium, but is still highly affordable, Carbon Fiber rings are an exciting, affordable alternative. Carbon fiber rings are a good choice and can be personalized to your liking.

Precious metals have long been the symbol of a long lasting relationship. Gold, silver, and platinum all look beautiful, but they also have another thing in common: they’re incredibly expensive.

#1. It holds an incredible shine. All rings tend to get scratched up over time. Because tungsten are stronger than other metals used to symbolize love, you won’t have to visit the jewelry store every year to get your jewelry polished.

#2. It has a fit that is more comfortable. Tungsten rings are a little heavier than other metals, which means the weight allows it to sit with stability on the finger. Most rings are made a domed finish as well, stopping the “cutting” feeling that other rings tend to have on their edges. You can also have concave cuts, beveled edges, and other shapes if preferred.

#3. Multiple finishes are available. Tungsten wedding rings can be created in several different colors, some of which replicate the look of the traditional ring. They can even be inlaid with precious stones.

#4. They are just 10% of the price of other rings. A standard tungsten dome facet ring retails for just under $100. In comparison, a 24K gold ring of a similar size and cut retails for over $2,200 today.

The choice is clear. Tungsten wears well, is very affordable, and is incredibly durable. With numerous exciting designs available and new styles introduced on a regular basis, tungsten is the exciting metal of the future.

Last Updated: January 29, 2020.

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