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Can tungsten rings be cut off your finger?

Can tungsten rings be cut off? or as our customers ask, can tungsten be cut? This article covers information related to these common questions about tungsten rings.

Can tungsten wedding bands be cut off? Yes, tungsten rings can be removed. If a medical situation arises tungsten rings can be fractured into pieces using vice grip pliers or other vice and ring cracking devices. Vice grip pliers are used to fracture the ring at different points allowing the ring to fall from the finger in pieces. Hospitals are equipped to handle this procedure if the incident occurs. Most medical facilities and hospitals have cutting and cracking devices such as the device pictured below.

In our many years working with tungsten metal we have only heard of a few incidences where a ring needed to be cut off in a medical setting. In most cases tungsten will crack into several pieces if subjected to any major force. Tungsten has been known as the ideal metal for those that work with their hands.

If your finger gets crushed while wearing a gold band, chances are the gold band will bend in to your finger applying unwanted pressure. In turn possibly taking most of the finger with it.

Tungsten and Ceramic ring removal are removed in the same fashion, cracking the ring and weakening its tensile strength. Cracking a tungsten or Ceramic ring will relieve your swollen finger of pressure allowing the finger to be free from the metal.

Titanium finger ring removal and Cobalt Chrome ring removal are both removed using traditional cutting devices. Precious metals such as gold and platinum are too removed in this fashion. Titanium and cobalt chrome are much softer metals then Ceramic and tungsten and therefore are to be treated with specific emergency ring cutters. Ring cutters hold the ring stationary while a circular mini saw wheel turns into the metal forcefully cutting and allowing for removal one cut at a time.

Cobalt chrome and titanium ring removal is more time consuming then cracking a tungsten or ceramic ring do to the cutting process sometimes taking multiple cuts to remove single piece of the ring. The cracking of the ring should take no more then 3-4 cracks and the whole ring will just shatter and drop from your finger.

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