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What You Need To Know About Tungsten Rings

What You Need To Know About Tungsten Rings. Tungsten rings are very attractive and considered to be show stoppers because of their shine. Many are choosing them over other precious metal rings because of their economical cost and their ability to retain their luster. Tungsten rings are 10 times harder than gold, 4 times harder than titanium and the most scratch resistant of metals. They are considered one of the most popular rings in the world today because they provide style, toughness and comfort to last a long time.

When compared to some popular metals such as gold and silver, tungsten rings are able to retain their luster without having to perform regular polishing. They come in different shades and shapes to satisfy a variety of different styles. You can choose a sleek tungsten band or a diamond tungsten ring. The neat part is that you can make them more personal by engraving them.

Many tungsten rings come with a central band that is of different color. Some have interesting designs in different colors such as red and black. Others will include a precious stone or even diamonds. The engagement rings are more likely to have diamonds on them. With any style you decide, its important to receive a warranty. A lifetime warranty of the ring is usually good sign of the quality. The best ones should usually come with a lifetime warranty.

Tungsten carbide rings have more simple styles that have flat and dome shapes in various different finishes. They are made in different sizes to accommodate both men and women. They can be easily personalized to make the ring one of a kind. When it comes to Celtic tungsten rings, they are symbolic because there are meanings behind the unique symbols on the ring. The symbols on the ring can represent different meanings such as love, family and religion. You also have tungsten rings with unique inlays which are ideal for who people that like to wear eye catching jewelry.

Tungsten is a material that when translated in Swedish means “heavy stone.” Tungsten carbide is a metal that has become very popular for making wedding bands. Carbide beveled rings are made of durable material that is secondary to diamonds. They are known for being extremely scratch resistant and strong. They require very little maintenance compared to other jewelry of similar type. This is because they do not get the wear and tear from everyday wear as some other rings.

The shine of tungsten wedding bands lasts for a long time. At the same time, they are tough against chemicals that could damage lesser quality metal rings. Many men that work physical labor jobs prefer tungsten rings because of their ability to take punishment. There are certain couples that choose tungsten carbide rings to symbolize their marriage because tungsten metal is considered almost unbreakable. They have an elegance that is very difficult to match. The prices are quite affordable for the value you are receiving. If you are in the market for wedding bands, you really need to consider tungsten rings.

What You Need To Know About Tungsten Rings

What You Need To Know About Tungsten Rings


Last Updated: October 20, 2018

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