What Does a Black Wedding Band Mean on a Man

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

A black wedding band has become a popular trend in men’s jewelry. Despite the name, a black wedding band is not a mourning ring for those who have lost their spouse. Instead, it dates back to just after the Depression era. If you wonder about the meaning behind these rings and are hoping for a deep historical purpose, you’ll be disappointed. But if you like how this style looks and want to know how to care for your ring, then read on.


What is the symbol of the color black?

Wearing a black wedding band is a fashion statement that has been around for years. The color black can signify power, courage and strength. In a wedding setting, sometimes the bride and groom choose to have one ring that they both wear to symbolize the power of their love above all else.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

1. A practical choice:

There are several reasons why someone might choose a black wedding band. Some people opt for this type of ring because the stones and other metallic materials may get damaged over time, while black wedding bands can be used in any weather and offer a low-maintenance option.


2. A fashion statement:

Choosing a black wedding band is an excellent fashion choice for men who want to rock the black and be proud. According to Men’s Wedding Bands, black is elegant and style, making it quite popular in fashion. The saying “black is the new black” exists for a reason.

Some couples choose to wear black wedding bands because black is a complementary color that goes well with any outfit. Black wedding bands also tend to be simple in design, making them the perfect accent piece for more daring outfits.

3. A safe choice:

If you work in a more dangerous field and need some way to protect yourself and your ring, the black silicone wedding band may be the right one for you. The black circles are safe comfortable and allow you to still show your love for your wife or girlfriend without discomforting yourself or putting yourself in danger.

4. Trend:

Choosing a black ring for men is becoming a widespread phenomenon in the western world. The color black has gone from being associated with evil and death to becoming a prized color among fashion designers. Men who want to become stylish are opting for this trend by getting black wedding bands.

Materials used to make black bands and rings:

1. Black tungsten:

A specialized craftsman makes the black tungsten carbide. The ring gets its black color from the black titanium zirconium that’s embedded on the surface of the tungsten carbide material. This is the most brutal metal used in making black rings and will last for a very long time, even longer than platinum rings.

2. Titanium:

Royal Black Titanium rings are made from tungsten carbide embedded with black titanium zirconium creating a lustrous, deep black finish. Tungsten carbide is three times harder than 18k gold and five times more complicated than pure platinum alloys. A rich and glossy finish comes at a price but will last a lifetime.

3. Cobalt:

If you are going for a black wedding band for your man, make sure it is not a plated black cobalt ring. Black cobalt rings are plated with other metals, so the ring is cheaper. These rings don’t have the same quality, and not to mention, they are less expensive. Cobalt can be a tricky metal to work with, which is why they tend to favor tungsten and titanium over cobalt when creating wedding bands.

4. Carbon fiber:

Like other materials like rubber and wood, carbon fibre has a characteristic feel, and it does not quite feel like stainless steel or heavy gold. The thin material results in an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for professional and amateur athletes who demand the most from their gear.

5. Black gold:

A popular choice for black wedding bands is a gold-plated black rhodium alloy and an all-black or rose matte tungsten carbide black wedding ring. Gold-plated tungsten is a durable choice that reflects the look of a traditional gold wedding band at a fraction of the price.


Black rings are a popular fashion trend among all generations, and their popularity is going up. They have long been used as seals during ancient times, and they are becoming more popular because of their stylishness, versatility, and beauty.

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