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Tungsten Vs Titanium – Truths Comparison

Tungsten Vs Titanium:  Education to Help in Making the Best Decision on Your Wedding Band. As a manufacturer and retailer we work with both Tungsten Carbide and Titanium Frequently.  Both metals are considered to be part of the alternative metals grouping.  Below will help classify tungsten Vs. titanium so our buyers can feel more comfortable making the decision that is best for them.

Tungsten:  Tungsten is also known as tungsten carbide.  It is rare to find pure tungsten in stores.  Pure tungsten is very fragile and shatters like glass.  Tungsten is fused with carbide to add strength and durability.  A tungsten carbide ring is hard to scratch and impossible to bend.  However even a tungsten carbide ring can crack due to the extreme hardness of the metal.  Tungsten is placed at a 9.0 on the Moh’s Hardness scale.  This is right below a diamond.  The hardness of the metal is why the metal has emerged as being as popular as precious metals when shopping for rings.

tungsten vs. titanium

Appearance of Tungsten Carbide:  The appearance of tungsten carbide when purchased in its true color is vibrant and lustrous.  The mirror like polish is a darker silver shade that is virtually scratch resistant.

Tungsten is also available in many fashion forward choices such as gold, black, rose gold and much more unique shades such as blue and red.

However as unique as these colors may be they are only a plated finish.

Plating is durable but will fade and scratch over the course of many years.  However, this doesn’t seem to deter people from buying them.

Weight of Tungsten Carbide:  The weight of the metal is how the metal is vastly different from titanium.  Tungsten rings are the heaviest among both the precious metals and alternative metals.  Tungsten rings are dense and heavy.  However, most are able to adjust to the weight within a few days and end up enjoy wearing such a substantial ring.

Titanium:  Titanium has been in jewelry stores for many years.  Titanium rings were popular even before tungsten rings came out.  It seems that the affordable price point and endless styles options allowed many couples to purchase a wedding band that was better suited for a lower budget.  Titanium is a light weight ring, coming in at a 6.0 on the Moh’s hardness scale.  However what titanium lacks in weight the metals makes up for it in durability.  Titanium is incredibly hard to break, scratch or bend, Appearance of Titanium:  Titanium, in a polished form, is a medium silver shade color.  The metal is slightly darker than precious metals and lighter than tungsten. Titanium has more flexibility than tungsten in terms of style options as the metal can easily be carved and constructed into unique styles.  Titanium can also come in an array of plated colors however as mentioned with tungsten these tend to fade and scratch over time.

Weight of Titanium:  As mentioned earlier tungsten is among the heaviest metals, titanium is the lightest next to ceramic.  The metal is lightweight and durable and tends to be incredibly comfortable to wear.

Don’t let the lightweight properties of the metal trick you into thinking it feels cheap.  Titanium is virtually as strong as tungsten!

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Last Updated: May 9, 2018.

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