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Tungsten Carbide Rings Color

Tungsten Carbide Rings Color can be a concern for many when shopping for their wedding band. That’s why people commonly ask what color is tungsten? Many couples are unsure of the color of tungsten and how it compares to other precious metals, including gold and platinum. The best way we can describe the color of tungsten is it is more of a steel gray shade. The shade of tungsten is approximately 2 shades darker than that of platinum and white gold. Below is a brief description of the colors of tungsten.

Traditional Polished Tungsten Rings Color: Traditional polished tungsten wedding bands pull the perfect steel gray shade. When light reflecting the ring may appear lighter and tungsten may appear darker at other times. Traditional polished tungsten will not be a black color and still fall within the silver range.

Brushed Tungsten Rings Color: Brushed Tungsten rings can appear slightly darker than a polished ring. Brushed tungsten is a satin finish with minimal light reflection. The ring portrays lightly visible brushed streaks circling the ring. A brushed ring will slightly darken over time due to the natural oils in one’s hand. However the ring will always remain in the silver range.

Black Tungsten Rings Color: Black polished tungsten rings are coated with a black zirconium finish. The finish is very durable however can scratch over time. Black tungsten rings are a beautiful jet black color. Many enjoy wearing black tungsten as a fashionable choice to the traditional wedding band. Black tungsten requires slightly extra care and should be taken off when working with the hands to ensure the rings remain beautiful over time.

Gold Tungsten Rings Color: Gold tungsten is an affordable choice to an expensive gold wedding band. Gold tungsten is a tungsten band coated with gold zirconium. Gold rings, much like black, need to be handles with more care. Gold tungsten can scratch and fade over time if worn in rougher work environments.

Below is our color chart descriptions. The chart will show the different shades and help to make the best decision.

tungsten carbide rings color

Last Updated: November 5, 2018.