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Do Ceramic wedding bands break easily?

Will ceramic wedding bands break, or as our customers ask, do ceramic wedding bands break easily? This article covers information related to these common questions about tungsten ceramic rings.

Ceramic and tungsten rings are two of the toughest rings used in making wedding bands. Ceramic rings are based on a zirconium Ceramic mixture and tungsten rings are based on a tungsten carbide mixture. Zirconium ceramic and tungsten carbide mixed with binding agents give a reading of 9 on Mohs hardness scale.

Tough malleable rings such as cobalt chrome and titanium are considered strong, yet their properties don’t crack or chip but yet they tear and require cutting under removal circumstance. Ceramic and tungsten are even stronger when measuring strength. In an emergency, tungsten and Ceramic need to be cracked away from the finger in order to free a swelling finger from swelling.

Ceramic is ranked slightly higher in hardness over tungsten on mohs hardness scale and therefore will chip and crack more easily then tungsten. Finding the perfect marriage of style to hardness is hard.

A carved rings may be more brittle then a classic ceramic ring due to the carving of the tungsten compromising the tungsten’s strength.

Tungsten and Ceramic are both considered to be fragile if dropped on a hard surface floor. Don’t be surprised if you break your ring or even worse, chip the tiled floor. The tungsten has more mass and is less likely to bounce when freely falling to a hard surface floor. Ceramic rings are much harder than tungsten in density, less in weight. In most cases, the ceramic will chip and crack more often than the tungsten, the tungsten is more often going to damage the floor.

Ceramic is most popular in black Ceramic or white Ceramic. Tungsten is most popular in regular silver, black and gold. All other tungsten and ceramic colors can be considered unstable and buyer beware. A ring style to consider is a tungsten carbide ring base along with a protected ceramic inlay. Enjoy the clean surface finish of protected ceramic by an exterior tungsten housing.

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