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Can mens wedding bands be resized? or as our customers ask, can tungsten rings be resized? This article covers information related to these common questions about tungsten rings.

Tungsten rings cannot be resized due to the nature of tungsten being such a hard, dense metal. Tungsten rings are dependent on their original manufactured form and reducing the thickness of the metal would weaken the tungsten’s tensile strength and integrity. To resize a ring there must be a melting point to heat the metal and resize. Tungsten carbide has a melting point of 6,191°F (3,422°C) and should only be performed using safe industrial furnaces.

Forever Metals has you covered. We offer a 30 day size exchange and a lifetime trade in in case at any time you may want to upgrade your ring and get a different size. We also offer discounts for repeat customers that may want to get two rings as fingers fluctuate per the seasons. To learn more about our exchange policy or lifetime trade in please contact our sales team.

Tungsten rings not being able to be resized is not a disadvantage. The costs associated with resizing will cost you material and jewelers labor costs. A traditional ring resize could cost more then your entire tungsten ring purchase. Don’t forget, today’s rings come with comfort fit. Comfort fit is difficult for jewelers to maintain that perfect belly in the inner diameter when trying to add or remove metal. Another advantage of not being able to resize a tungsten ring is that you will always be rest assured that a smashed finger or a decade old ring isn’t going to bend out of shape or assert unwanted pressures on your finger. A tungsten ring will remain round in shape for a lifetime as opposed to an oval shape as most precious metal rings take to the form of.


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