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Many have noticed that tungsten carbide rings are priced much lower than precious metal rings. Just like precious metal rings there is different grades of quality and price points. We are here to give our customers tips on what to watch out for.

Mass Produced Pricing on eBay and Amazon: Many have noticed that you can find cheap tungsten rings on eBay and Amazon. The rings found here are made in huge production lots using less than quality tungsten metal and no workmanship. The metal is not tested for quality and the formulation is made up of cheap fillers including cobalt. Cobalt is not only irritating to the skin but can oxidize very quickly. Customers have come to us with new tungsten rings purchase from mass retailers wondering why their rings have turned a dark, cloudy color. This is due to the Cobalt. There is nothing you can do to restore a ring once the color has changed. Most likely this ring came with no warranties, returns or exchanges. Companies that care for the merchandise they sell make sure the metal is properly tested. Cobalt also would never be used within a reputable company. Typically nickel is used in higher quality tungsten wedding bands. In most cases this will cause no problems with the skin. However those with severe nickel allergies could react adversely where the ring meets the skin.

Online Shopping:

As an online only retailer we urge to shop online. The prices are better. There is a better selection of rings to choose from and you don’t have to leave your home. However we understand that the online prices of tungsten rings range from very cheap to expensive.

One thing to understand that when choosing a reputable company you need to check for return policies, exchanges and most importantly warranties. All of these factors are built into the cost of the ring. If they were not built in there would be steep restocking fees, high shipping costs and warranties with high deductibles.

Another important thing to do when shopping online is to check out the trust of a company. This can be done by checking for a BBB seal, online reviews and affiliations.

We understand that shopping online is scary. However Forever Metals is here to make shopping for a tungsten ring an enjoyable experience. Check out our bestselling tungsten rings and contact us with any questions you may have.

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Forever Metals is a premium quality tungsten rings seller. Forever Metals started in 2005 and now has become a global supplier of tungsten rings with over 600+ best tungsten ring designs in stock.

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