What You Need To Know About Tungsten Rings

There is many reasons why owning a tungsten ring is the right move. Not only is the ring cheaper than precious metals, the durability is far superior. Not to mention wearing a tungsten ring is the cool thing to do. Below we would like to discuss the many positives of tungsten rings….and what many wearers of tungsten rings may need to get used to.

Who wears Tungsten Rings: Both men and women now wear tungsten rings. When tungsten originally came onto the market the style choices were limited. Most styles were simple, heavy and slightly bulky. Most women were not comfortable in these rings. However now tungsten styles are endless. Tungsten rings are found in thin widths that are lighter in weight allowing women to wear matching rings to their husband. There is also an endless choice of styles and designs. Many companies can also custom make styles that are perfect for the wearer.

Tungsten Rings Color: Tungsten is not silver in color nor is it the shade of gun metal. Tungsten is a slightly darker metal than silver, white gold and platinum. This is what makes tungsten unique. It is in its own color field. Tungsten can also be plated in many colors. The most popular colors being gold, black and rose gold. However tungsten can also be plated in vibrant colors of blue, red, purple and green for a unique spin to the classic tungsten wedding bands. Please note that plated tungsten will fade and scratch over time. This is the same with any plating and unavoidable.

Tungsten Rings Weight: There is not denying that tungsten is a heavier metal. In fact it comes in at least 5 grams heavier than precious metals. The weight of tungsten is even more than that over titanium and ceramic which are known to be light metals. Many who purchase tungsten love this about the ring. For the low price of tungsten rings you are getting a ring that is substantial in weight. However some do not like the heavier weight and prefer to go to metals that are light on the finger. Overall most will not notice the weight after a few days of wear, as long as the ring is properly fitted to the finger.

Tungsten Rings Pricing: Many will notice the vast degree of pricing for tungsten rings. Many wonder why some are so cheap and many are much pricier. This is due to many rings being mass produced overseas. Mass production, at times, can use lesser quality materials to keep the prices down. You see many of these rings on eBay and Amazon. Overtime these rings may darken or oxidize. You also may notice irritation on the finger. These rings are not returnable, replaceable or come with a warranty. When purchasing from a reputable retailer you not only are getting customer service but also high quality rings that come with a warranty. We always recommend that you do your research.

Forever Metals has been in business, manufacturing high quality tungsten rings, since 2005. We have at A+ standing with the better business bureau and have been given many awards to our positive service standards. We stand behind our United States quality 100%. We offer returns, exchanges, free personalization and have a competitive warranty. Please contact out Sales team with any questions you may have. We are happy to help you buy Tungsten Rings.

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