What are the best ring finishes? The Tungsten ring’s popularity has increased over the past 5 years due to the metals incredible strength and virtually indestructible nature. The most popular styles of tungsten carbide rings originally were polished ring styles. The forever luster of a polished ring were popular for both men and women. The forever polished shine will look beautiful for years to come.

what are the best ring finishes

With the increasing popularity for the metal also comes increasing and advancing technology. Advancing technology brought tungsten rings with many different finishes to choose from. People can now choose from tungsten ring finishes including florentine rings cross brushed, polished, sandstone, peened, lasered and colored. Colored tungsten rings consist of black, gold and rose gold plated.

Brushed carbide rings have a textured rings satin brush finish which is more matte than polished. Brushed rings are ideal for those seeking a simple ring without the high polished shine that tends to stand out. A lasered tungsten carbide ring is a ring with a flat lasered design circling the ring. This lasering could detail a design or just be a simple finish covering the outer surface of the ring. Lasered rings are ideal for those who are seeking slightly more unique ring rather than a simple polished or brushed finish.

A sandstone finish is a unique finish where the outer diameter ring looks as if it has a rough sandpaper effect finish however is completely smooth to touch. Many people also call this finish cross brushing. A sandstone finish will be matte and stand out, making many notice your ring. Peened carbide rings have a texture that resemble a “hammered effect” where there are subtle ripples covering the surface of the ring. Peened Hammered rings are unique and no two rings will be the same.

Colored tungsten rings consist of black, gold and rose gold. Colored tungsten rings are plated with a zirconium coating to achieve this finish. The luster of colored rings is beautiful and both black, gold and rose gold are extremely popular however the finish will not last forever. As durable as colored tungsten rings are the finish will eventually fade. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty so buyers will feel confidence in this purchase. Whichever finish a buyer may choose tungsten rings are the right choice for both men and women. Tungsten rings are extremely durable and their lasting lifetime properties will ensure that their ring will remain beautiful for years to come.

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