Tungsten rings have increased in popularity over the past several years due to the extreme durability and forever polished luster the rings possess. Tungsten rings are known to be the right choice for men and women who work with their hands to eliminate the quick deterioration of your wedding band. When your career is hands on and labor intensive you can be sure that a tungsten ring will not scratch and remain polished for the duration of a lifetime whereas a gold, silver or platinum ring would quickly begin to scratch and dull. Titanium rings are also prone to scratch when consistently hit repeatedly however it would not happen as quick than with precious metals.

Colored tungsten has also emerged in the tungsten carbide ring industry, releasing popular colors such as black tungsten rings and mens gold rings. The gold colored tungsten is meant to replace people seeking a yellow gold band however wanting the durability of tungsten. Colored tungsten is beautiful and extremely popular, the black colored is trendy with younger couples. Many people seek colored tungsten as a unique alternative all while believing the ring will remain beautiful for life.

Colored tungsten rings are indeed durable however the coloring is a zirconium coating plated onto the ring. Zirconium is similar to titanium, being very durable, but not completely scratch resistant. Colored carbide rings are best for people who work minimally with their hands. This will ensure a longer life for your ring. Many tungsten companies and manufacturers will re-polish for a minimal fee. A re-polishing will bring the ring back to a vibrant luster.

Overall, tungsten carbide rings are a great for all seeking a quality ring with lasting beauty. Whether the ring is the standard colored tungsten or a more unique gold or black the ring will be durable and a more economical choice.

Last Updated: December 10, 2021

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