What are cheap gold rings made of?

What are cheap gold rings made of?

Choosing gold jewelry can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Below we have arranged some of the most popular types of gold jewelry on the market in order of price, ranging from solid gold to gold-plated and everything in between.


Gold Plated

Today, gold-plated jewelry is a popular choice for costume jewelry because of its variety in styles and reasonable price. It is made through a process of plating a thin layer of gold onto a more affordable base metal such as nickel, brass, stainless steel, silver, or copper.

When to buy gold plated jewelry?

Since there is very little gold on a cheap gold ring, you can avoid the inevitable by not wearing the piece when showering, swimming, or doing any activity that might cause abrasions. Regardless of if you wear a gold-plated piece with other jewelry, keep it away from water, chemicals, oils and makeup to prolong its life.

Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry is made by fusing a layer of gold and base metal. Because of the more intensive bonding process than gold plated jewelry, gold filled pieces have up to 100x more gold alloy than gold-plated pieces.

For this reason, gold filled jewelry is more expensive than gold plated, and it is safer for people with skin allergies. Because of regulations, the US has set for labelling pieces as gold-filled. You will always be notified if your work has been labelled as such when shopping for jewelry.

When to buy gold filled jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a longer lasting piece of adornment that won’t break the bank. The thicker coating of gold (thicker than gold plating but thinner than solid gold) wears down slower than regular gold plated jewelry resulting in less scratching and less exposure of base metals.

Gold Vermeil

In gold vermeil, the base metal is sterling silver, and the plating is at least 2.5 microns (40 thousandths of an inch) thick. This extraordinary combination of precious metals means that jewelry made entirely or partially in sterling silver can be plated with gold to add extra shine and elegance without compromising its quality. Gold vermeil jewelry has been a popular trend for many years now, it is always quite fashionable, and it’s also a good investment for your future.

When to buy gold vermeil jewelry?

Gold vermeil makes a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe when you want plated hypoallergenic gold (leaves skin and hair softer than sterling silver) and still sturdy. The hardness of yellow gold and sterling silver depends on the purity content: the higher the ratio of pure/fine gold or silver to the metal it is mixed with, the less durable).

The gold plating on gold vermeil must still be kept away from chemicals, oils, and makeup to prolong its life and should be worn by itself (stacks not recommended!) to avoid abrasive contact from other jewelry.

A new kind of gold jewelry

Ready-Made jewelry is more affordable and eco-friendly than traditional fine jewelry, yet it is still striking, durable, and beautiful. Cheaper Gold Rings are a lesser-known type of jewelry that features bands of metal coated with gold ceramic via vacuum deposition.

When to buy Ready Made "gold" ?

In public, most people are not comfortable wearing whole pieces of gold jewelry because robbers easily discern their serious worth. That is why the concept of ready-made gold jewelry came into being that looks like real gold ( plated ) and even has the same weight but is made of resistant ceramic and resin materials that are pretty much impervious to water and chemicals.

The best thing about our inexpensive gold jewelry is it can be worn regularly without a worry to build up your collection or sell it later when you find that perfect, full-length gold necklace you have been dreaming about. These are just a few reasons authentic wholesale cheap gold rings are great for everyday wear.


We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect gold jewelry for your needs. If you have any questions about our recommendations, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

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