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What are ceramic rings made of?

Ceramic rings is not the same as the ceramic that you would find at crafting stores or home store. Ceramic rings are made out of jewelry grade zirconium ceramic, also known as a titanium carbide. Jewelry grade Ceramic is incredibly hard and virtually scratch proof in any color. The luster of ceramic rings are much like tungsten rings where the surface shine will last a lifetime. However ceramic is much lighter than tungsten which aids in the appeal.

How ceramic rings differentiate?

When choosing a ceramic ring it is no different than shopping for any other type of metal. Ceramic rings run true to size. If you are sized at a size 10 by a jeweler then order a size 10 ceramic ring. However if the wrong size is ordered a Ceramic ring can not be resized to a better fit. Dense rings with incredible tensile strength do not have a low melting point and therefore can not be melted down. Keep this in mind when shopping for both tungsten rings and ceramic rings. The rings must be exchanged for a better size to achieve the perfect fit.

Ceramic like tungsten holds its polish for the life of the ring. No additional polishing or care is necessary. The selection of metal rings in today’s market, Ceramic is one of the hardest ring of it kind. Ceramic is at a disadvantage being that it is so hard, and that is that it could easily shatter or crack if it were dropped on a hard surface floor. Ceramic is slightly harder then tungsten and therefore is slightly more brittle.

Ceramic is much like tungsten in terms of care. It is incredibly low maintenance. It requires no more than simple soap and water to clean the ring. In fact we recommend not using anything harsher than mild soap. Harsh jewelry cleaners can break down the luster of the surface, eventually leading to a cloudy appearance on the surface.

Ceramic Rings combined with Tungsten makes beautiful tungsten jewelry.

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