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Do a Couple’s Wedding Bands Have to Match?

In many cultures around the world, wedding bands symbolize the union of two people. Modern weddings include many of the traditional activities which date back for many generations. One such tradition that dates back and involves the specific finger which the band is placed. Did you know that some believe the ‘ring’ finger bares the wedding band because it was once believed that a blood vessel ran directly from the finger to the heart?

Another debate that is often discussed is whether or not the couple’s wedding bands should match. There are some advantages in coordinating each band and some advantages in having non-matching bands, so consider these options and determine what best applies to your relationship as you make this decision.

The Advantages of Coordinating Rings

#1. It becomes a visible expression of two becoming one. Coordinating wedding bands communicate the support for one another to the world. It's a way of saying to others, “I belong to this person”, without needing to say it.

#2. It shows togetherness. Opposites often attract, since there is always a place where common ground can be found. Coordinating the wedding bands can be a reflection of a couple's desire to find compromise.

#3. It reinforces the perceptions that traditions are important. Traditions are handed down from generation to generation because of the meaning behind each action. It's a way to honor history while also looking toward the future. Coordinating tungsten rings for men simply says that as a couple, you're embracing this history.

The Advantages of Non-Matching Bands

#1. It shows individuality. A couple might become one unit when married, but it is made up of two individuals, each with different hopes and expectations. The wedding bands themselves are an outward expression of commitment to each other. Non-matching bands are simply a way to show off each person's unique personality.

#2. It avoids discontent. Non-matching bands eliminate the likelihood of bands being chosen that one partner likes and the other partner doesn’t. A marriage that commences with a debate of which band should be chosen often reflects what is in store for the couple afterward. Dissimilar preferences of band type and style is likely resolved by each making their own choice rather than having matched bands.

#3. It allows for a wedding ring to be properly fitted. Let's say there are two individuals. One is 5'7” tall, 155 pounds, and loves white gold. The other is 6'7” inches tall, 355 pounds, and also loves white gold. A 6mm wedding band will look just fine on the shorter guy, but it may go unnoticed or a distraction on the larger guy. A properly fitted ring to body shape and size always looks better, which means non-matching rings may look better individually for certain couples.

Tradition is a factor in determining which wedding bands are important, but the choice is up to you. If you and your partner want non-matching bands, then there is nothing holding you back from this. Forever Metals can help you find the right bands, whether they match or not, so you can have a wedding band that makes you look just as great as you feel. At Forever Metals, engagement bands symbolize forever and always and the material that stands to be the best choice is tungsten. Forever Metals urges you to try on a set of Black Knot Wedding Bands that will last a lifetime. Forever Metals guarantees that your ring purchase will be manufactured with the highest quality standards so that your ring will look lustrous forever.

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Last Updated: May 20, 2017.