Unique Rings

With Spring partially over and Summer right around the corner many couples are finishing with their wedding planning leaving just enough time to choose their wedding bands.

Unique Rings

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Unique Wedding Bands for 2018

Many couples choose traditional bands that will be sure to look great for years to come however a bog trend with couples is to now choose a ring that matches your individual style. A fashion piece that is also worn on their finger to symbolize the union between two people. Below I have referenced four popular trends among couples and why they are unique.

Claddagh Rings: Claddagh wedding bands are no longer just for women, men are now understanding the symbolism of a Claddagh ring and wanting one for themselves. Many companies now feature masculine Claddagh rings with either laser engraved designs or designs carved into the metal. The simplistic design is tasteful for men and women and the rings are targeted for a unisex look with sleek lines and widths that men or women would find comfortable to wear.

Black Tungsten Rings: Black tungsten rings have been popular for many years not only for the durability of tungsten but also for the unique style that a black ring will bring. Black tungsten comes in a large array of styles including a solid black ring to a ring that just has black accents. Black tungsten also comes in two finishes which are polished or brushed. When choosing a polished ring the ring will have a great deal of shine and reflection to it. A brushed ring will give a more subdued, matte appearance with limited reflection and shine.

Unique Finishes: Traditional wedding bands are typically a simple band that is polished for a mirrored finish. Many companies are now manufacturing wedding bands in different, more unique finishes including satin brushed, Florentine and sandstone. A satin brushed finish is smooth to the touch with a matte finish that is free of shine. A Florentine finish is a cross brushed finish that has the appearance of a shine free rough finish all while completely smooth to touch. The last finish mentioned was a sandstone finish where the appearance resembles sandpaper all while being completely smooth to touch. Purchasing a ring with a unique finish adds character to your ring that couples are sure not to regret.

Wide Width Wedding Bands: Wide width wedding bands are typically worn by men with large hands that can pull off such a large ring. Wide width rings consist of any ring over a 10mm width and for some anything over a 6 or 7mm would be considered too wide. To wear a wide ring comfortably the ring must glide over the knuckle to allow for comfortable and natural finger movement. If the fingers cannot move naturally than the ring will not be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Forever Metals carries a large selection of tungsten wedding bands for couples to wear in over 600 style selections. Shop with confidence when purchasing from our collection as our ring ship fast and free and come with a lifetime warranty at no cost to our customers. Please contact the Forever Metals Sales team with any questions or comments pertaining to any of our merchandise.

Last Updated: January 23, 2018.