Grey titanium which is 99% commercially pure.
No other conventional material can boast this claim.
14kt gold is 58% pure and platinum is generally 90% pure.
For those who wish to wear a pure metal, titanium is the logical choice.
Most titanium jewelry products being sold are some type of alloyed titanium (not pure titanium).
We use a commercially pure (CP) grade of titanium.
Within the CP category the most popular are grades 1 through 4.
CP Grade 1 is the softest and Grade 4 is the hardest.
The primary difference between the grades is the quantity of Oxygen, the addition of which creates the increases in hardness.
Forever Metals composition of titanium is T1, T2
Titanium rings made using pure titanium can normally be cut-off the finger in the event of an emergency
though they are more difficult to cut-off than gold, silver or platinum rings.
Aircraft grade titanium rings normally cannot be cut-off in the event of an emergency.
We use CP Grade 2 in all of our gray titanium products.
We found it to be the ideal balance between titanium's hardness and workability.
It can be cut off, refinished, and engraved, yet it is resistant to marring and polishes well.
Commercially pure titanium is alloyed with aluminum, vanadium and tin to create a very hard metal.
The are two grades of aircraft grade titanium, 6Al-4V & 6Al-6V-2Sn.
6Al-4V, which is made up of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium
6Al-6V-2Sn, which is made up of 86% titanium 6% aluminum, 6% vanadium and 2% tin.
Black Titanium
We do offer a Black color titanium. The black color titanium's composition is our commercially pure titanium (Ti), plus a carbon dioxide is filled in to make a chemical reaction.
IP colored
The technology IP colored can form some different colors, including rose, 18K gold color, 20K gold color, black, rainbow, coffee. We plate the ring titanium, then we fill in oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide to form different colors. Last Updated: January 30, 2017.

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