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Stainless and Titanium Ring Jewelry

Article about Titanium Rings. Learn about manufacturing!

Known for its lightweight and resilient qualities, titanium is used in many different industries that include the following:

- Aircraft
- Architecture
- Automotive
- Jewelry
- Marine
- Medical and More

The strength, durability and beauty of titanium has made the material particularly popular with jewelers as it produces a high quality product that remains in great demand. While other precious metals such as gold and silver are often associated with jewelry, titanium offers many attractive qualities that has allowed it to gain its own important niche when it comes to jewelry.

The Advantages of Titanium.

There are a number of advantages that titanium has as a precious metal used in jewelry. It’s little wonder that more people are turning to titanium as their metal of choice for rings, bracelets and other adornments that you can find all over the world.

Durable: Thanks to its inherent toughness, titanium is a material that will last a very long time even under stressful conditions. In terms of jewelry, the lifespan of titanium is difficult to calculate under normal wear conditions.

Weight: Titanium is very lightweight, almost as much as aluminum which is why its favored in the aircraft and aerospace industries. In jewelry, the light nature of titanium helps make it quite popular as it is comfortable to wear as compared to heavier metals such as tungsten.

Style: Because other precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum must sacrifice both function and style to have reduced weight and a lower cost, titanium can remain in its pure state and offer the wearer many different choices of styles that are quite attractive.

Resistance: Because titanium is an inert material, it resists a broad range of corrosives that often damage many other types of materials. From saltwater to acids, alkalis, and gases and even body chemistry. Titanium can withstand many types of corrosive assaults.

How Titanium Works in Jewelry.

Forever Metals uses pure, 100% titanium in its jewelry which means that it is allergy free and will not produce skin discolorations or irritations. Titanium itself is non-magnetic and is perfect for environment where interference from electromagnetic metals would be problematic. As strong as steel, yet weighing only half as much, titanium is the perfect material for many types of jewelry thanks to its toughness, hardness and the inherent tensile strength.

The advantages of titanium only multiply when used as part of an alloy where its attributes are only increased. When adding the overall strength and corrosive-resistance to other metals, titanium offers the best of both worlds while being a very lightweight material as well. In fact, titanium has replaced metals such as copper alloys and stainless steel in many different applications thanks to its remarkable attributes.

For those who are considering titanium in their jewelry, it does not cause the allergic reaction often seen with gold or silver. This is particularly true with earrings as many people have endured discoloration or having an allergic reaction that is simply not present in titanium. Plus, titanium will never tarnish unlike silver which needs regular maintenance in order to stay shiny.

What to Look for in Titanium Jewelry.

While Forever Metals only uses pure, 100% titanium in their jewelry, many other jewelers will often use titanium alloys which may not be of the same, overall quality. Plus, Forever Metals uses grades T1 and T2 titanium which is on the lower end of the scale for hardness, but that means there is less oxygen present in the materials. This purer form of titanium means that it does not react to body fluids, sunlight or saltwater as compared to titanium that has more oxygen inside.

In addition, the harder titanium is, the more difficult it can be to remove in an emergency situation. Forever Metals uses grades of titanium that are soft enough to be cut away in case the need arises. However, aircraft grade titanium would be difficult, if not impossible to cut away using normal available tools. In addition, aircraft grade titanium is simply not well suited for jewelry purposes and does not have the advantages of the softer grades.

While not as hardened as the higher grades, the titanium used by Forever Metals does resist marring and can be engraved while holding up to polishing. The commercially pure titanium used has been endorsed by jewelers around the world for its combination of resilience, beauty and durability.

Forever Metals also uses black titanium ring composition which includes carbon dioxide in the mist to create a unique chemical reaction that offers different colors. This means that a customer can purchase a titanium ring in rose, black, coffee, rainbow and 18k and 24k gold coloring. By plating the titanium and filling it with carbon dioxide, oxygen or nitrogen, different color combinations are possible.

Why Choose Forever Metals.

When it comes to titanium rings, there is no company quite like Forever Metals when it comes to delivering a high quality product. In addition, those who are looking for signet ring or tungsten ring can find plenty to choose from within our online store.

Forever Metals crafts stainless steel rings that include 316 hypo-allergenic stainless steel of surgical grade which offers a tough, durable, yet very stylish ring. While not quite as lightweight as titanium or as durable as tungsten carbide, it is still an attractive metals that is unique in style and is the type of ring that will last forever. When you consider the cost of stainless steel, it is a very smart economical choice that offers many of the same attributes as the more expensive counterparts. Stainless steel is perfect for graduation or groomsman rings as they will last a lifetime and come in different shapes and styles.

However, if you are looking for the best in rings, then titanium and tungsten are two materials that will hold up over time and make for the perfect wedding ring. Titanium itself is a metal that is gaining in popularity. You can take advantage of the opportunity it provides in having a beautiful wedding or anniversary ring.

Tungsten Ring Laser Engraving

Forever Metals offers laser engraving services to its customers who wish to personalize their wedding band. All Forever Metals in stock rings and customer purchased rings are eligible for laser engraving service.

Last Updated: May 20, 2017.