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Why are Some Tungsten Rings More Expensive Than Others?

Why are Some Tungsten Rings More Expensive Than Others?

A common question that customers ask is why some tungsten rings are more expensive than the ones they see on other sites.  Forever Metals has always tried to remain competitive in price however there are many different grades of tungsten rings.  Forever Metals is a United States tungsten carbide ring manufacturer and consider our rings to be among the highest quality.  We do not sell rings with inferior materials such as cobalt which will oxidize and could irritate skin.  We sell tungsten carbide that has a nickel binder which is low in allergy even on those with a severe nickel allergy.  We also purchase the majority of our supplies from the United States and that come with a higher cost.  We do this so we know the quality we will be getting.  As for our price point, we stay competitive in price with companies that are similar to us and hold our same business values.  We want to urge customers to rethink getting from mass retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Bonanza.  Below we have provided a brief description of what you can find when purchase a wedding band from these retailers.

Buying Your Wedding Band From Ebay, Amazon and Bonanza

EBay is an Auction site that also allows for sellers to sell at fixed costs.  Amazon and Bonanza is a site comprised with many different stores selling in one place.  Both Ebay and Amazon is huge and you can find everything shopping on this site.   You can find high quality merchandise and unfortunately there is low quality as well. Over the past 10 years these companies have become saturated with overseas markets selling merchandise for mere pennies.  Most United States Retailers cannot compete with China pricing.  The China quality is not as high as the United States.  They create inferior quality jewelry and sell it for a low cost.  We have had many customers of these companies come to us asking why their rings turned black.  They also wonder why the seller won’t return their emails.  We do not recommend buying your wedding band from Ebay.  Purchase tungsten rings from a company with live customer support and a reputable warranty.

Last Updated: October 22, 2018

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