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Choose From a Variety of Ring Widths to Suite Your Comfort Needs

2mm ring width

2mm Ring Width | 3mm Ring Width

Forever Metals has made ring styles in thinner widths to accommodate women of all ages and all finger sizes. Women traditionally wear thinner width rings then men. Forever Metals ring styles Eclipse and the Metropolis are both found in stock in 2mm width.

4mm ring width

Left - Women's Hand in 4mm

Men's Hand in 4mm - Right

mens 4mm ring width

4mm Ring Width | 5mm Ring Width

Forever Metals has 4mm and 5mm ring widths in stock to accommodate those that want a thinner width ring, yet they want it wide enough to visualize the design. More intricate designs are more easily visible at wider width rings.

6mm ring width

Left - Women's Hand in 6mm

Men's Hand in 6mm - Right

mens 6mm ring width

6mm Ring Width | 7mm Ring Width

If you are a newly wed or engaged to be married, but don't want to start off with this giant piece of metal on your finger, then a great starting ring width starts near 6mm and 7mm widths. They are by far the most popular starting rings for newly wed couples accommodating both men and women.

8mm ring width

Left - Women's Hand in 8mm

Men's Hand in 8mm - Right

mens 8mm ring width

8mm Ring Width | 9mm ring width

Bored of your current ring? Try upgrading to a 8mm or 9mm width ring. They are the perfect marriage of surface reflection and ring width comfort. Plenty of surface space to show off intricate design and catch light from all directions.

10mm ring width

Left - Women's Hand in 10mm

Men's Hand in 10mm - Right

mens 10mm ring width

10mm Ring Width and Beyond

10mm Ring Widths were originally designed as the widest rings in the collection. Forever Metals collection has gone beyond this ring width. 10mm and 12mm ring widths are very common in the marketplace. Find 14mm and 16mm ring widths in Forever Metals collections. Be cautious, any rings found over 16mm width stand the chance of compromising comfort. Make sure your fingers are long enough to be able to bend your finger at the knuckle.

Men's Hand in 12mm - Right

mens 12mm ring width

Choosing the Right Ring Width For Comfort

Forever Metals manufactures rings as thin as 2mm and as wide as 16mm in width. We carry a large range of widths to accommodate virtually every shopper that come to our website. The most common widths for women range from 2mm to 6mm in width. This range of widths are thin enough for smaller hands to have all day continuous comfort. The most common widths from men range from 6mm to 12mm however many go larger. All of our rings are manufactured with a comfort fit and run true to your normal rings size. Check out our examples on how several of our widths look like on a finger. We have two categories to allow both men and women to get an idea what width is perfect for them. Please note that this is just several of our widths we carry every width across our collection. If you would like an example of a width we do not have listed please contact Sales and we will get an example right back to you. Last Updated: June 16, 2016

Last Updated: February 17, 2017.