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black polished finish

Black Polished Finish

A mirrored finish against a jet black ring. A black tungsten ring will make a strong statement.

black brushed finish

Black Brushed Finish

A satin finish against a jet black color. The brushed finish has minimal light reflection.

polished finish

Polished Finish

Polished Finish: A lustrous mirrored finish against a steel colored ring. The ring pulls a lot of shine and is very light reflecting.

brushed finish

Satin Brush Finish

A brushed or satin finish against a steel ring. The ring is light reflecting in a more subdued manner.

gold polished finish

Gold Polished Finish

A beautiful gold ring that has a mirrored finish. Gold tungsten features high shine and light reflection.

gold brushed finish

Gold Brushed Finish

A subdued satin finish that has minimal light reflection. Perfect for those that want a gold ring without the high shine.

sandstone finish

Sandstone Finish

A rough appearance all while being completely smooth. A sandstone finish has minimal light reflection.

florentine cross finish

Florentine Cross Finish

The Florentine finish features a cross brushed pattern. The surfaces appears to be rough all while being completely smooth.

hammered finish

Hammered Finish

Small peens in the finish gives the appearance like a golf ball, however the divots are much smaller in size and can’t be easily felt with human touch. Forever Metals is one of few companies in the world that can provide a hammered finish on a tungsten carbide ring.

carved tungsten finish

Carved Tungsten Finish

Carved tungsten rings are exactly that, carved. Carved tungsten can appear slightly carved or deeply sculpted into the surface. Forever Metals has the largest collection of carved tungsten rings because few companies in the world have the manufacturing technology to create such a product.

laser engraved finish

Laser Engraved Finish

The lasered engraved finish is very similar to a brushed finish. The brushed finish has brushed lined throughout where the lasered finish will not have that.

white tungsten finish

White Tungsten Finish

White tungsten has a similar look to platinum at a fraction of the cost. The tungsten is high polished and lighter in color than tradition tungsten carbide rings.

cobalt chrome finish

Cobalt Chrome Finish

Cobalt Chrome is similar to white tungsten in the similar coloring to platinum. A cobalt chrome ring would be a great alternative to precious metals.

Custom Quality Finish makes a symbolic and unique wedding band.

Forever Metals offers many different types of finishes that all reflect the appearance of a ring differently. Forever Metals offers finishes such as polished, brushed, satin, matte, sandstone, sand stone, peened, hammered or Florentine. Forever Metals will craft your ring to your specifications even if you select a two tone finish to offer finish contrast without the high cost of an inlay for your ring. The inside finish of a ring will always be polished for comfort.

Forever Metals tungsten carbide rings rarely endure scratches, so a polished finish will stay polished for the life of the ring unless the ring undergoes rough handling. Stainless Steel and Titanium metals can acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs in the course of everyday wear or from rough handling. Many of the finishes below will resist and hide the imperfections of fine scratches.

If ring scratches become too apparent, the simple refinishing operation will restore them to virtually new brilliance. Forever Metals will refinish all our rings for a minimal fee. A Forever Metals rings, no matter which finish you prefer, will not tarnish or rust. Please contact us with any refinishing requests.

Last Updated: October 8, 2018

Forever Metals rings are composed of metal alloys. Alloys allow for maximum hardness and rigidity. Read about the metals and how Forever Metals converts processes and metals into men’s jewelry manufactured from tungsten carbide.

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