Puzzle Ring

Shouldn’t your wedding band, the symbol of your union, be the same?

The Interlocking Tungsten Bands from Forever Metals are the true representation of your love for one another. Unlike gold or silver, tungsten is designed to last forever. This light, beautiful and unbreakable metal is the perfect and practical representation of your marriage. While gold or silver might scratch, bend, or break, tungsten wedding bands remain pristine, perfect, and permanent pieces that are designed to stretch on for an eternity.

Additionally, each and every piece is molded, designed, and created with you and your love in mind – not just mindlessly pumped out in a factory – but rather crafted and created when you order it. The precision and individual nature involved in the creation of each of our Interlocking Tungsten Bands far exceeds any band of mere gold or silver. And just like your love is bonded through the act of marriage, so too are your wedding bands, forever linked together in their interlocking shapes. Symbolic of marriage, our Tungsten Interlocking Wedding Bands are designed to show the world that two people such as yourselves are an interlocking and strong force to be reckoned with.

Interlocking rings are also commonly known as Puzzle rings. Puzzle rings are symbolic gesture referencing two people joined as one. This also symbolizes marriage. Interlocking rings are not only used for marriage but also friendship rings and promise rings. The rings also make for great conversation pieces – buy a unique ring today.

Shouldn’t your wedding bands be an accurate representation of your lives together? Unbendable. Unbreakable. Forever. Tungsten.

Your love is eternal. The passion you have for each other will go on forever. Your union is an unbendable and unbreakable force.

Last Updated: January 17, 2020.

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