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Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

When customers ask about the pros and cons of tungsten rings we want to be completely honest.  We want to help our customers make informed decision without pushing then into a certain direction.  Our customer’s frequently ask what are both the benefits and disadvantages of tungsten carbide rings.  We have broken down our top key points below.

Pros of Tungsten Wedding Bands:

Tungsten is an affordable metal. Tungsten rings are a fraction of the cost in comparison to precious metals.  Precious metals consist of Gold, Platinum and Palladium.
Tungsten is a durable metal. Tungsten rings are not indestructible but fairly close.  Tungsten rings are hard to scratch, chip and impossible to bend.  This allows tungsten carbide rings to be worn in most situations.  Men that work with their hands no longer have to remove their wedding band to keep it in good condition.
Tungsten Rings are stylish. When tungsten first emerged in the wedding band market style possibilities were limited.  There was only a few classic styles to choose from due to the hardness of the metal.  Now, with advancing technology, style options have expanded.  The market now consists of colored tungsten, carved tungsten, inlay rings and laser engraved styles.
Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands:

Tungsten is a hard metal. Tungsten is an extremely hard, dense metal.  The metal is so hard that it could crack or break under force.  This is actually a “pro” for those that work with their hands.  Precious metal wedding band will not crack under force.  In fact a precious metal wedding band will take your finger off before it breaks.  Tungsten will crack and break before something with enough force can take your finger.
Plated tungsten consisting of gold, black and chocolate is very fashionable however just a plating. Many customers come to us with the misconception that colored tungsten will last forever.  This is not possible.  It will scratch and fade over time.  We always recommend the standard silver tungsten for every day wear.  Not many companies will be honest about this.  They allude to colored tungsten lasting forever.  This will lead to unhappy customers over time.
Tungsten is a heavy metal. Tungsten weighs more that precious metals.  Usually most people like this and will quickly get used to the weight difference.
You may find our two articles very helpful on the topics can tungsten rings be cut off and can tungsten rings be resized?

Please contact Forever Metals Sales team for additional questions.  We are happy to answer any questions to help make this decision an enjoyable one.  We are your tungsten rings headquarters.

Pros Cons Tungsten Rings Updated 1/31/2017

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