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Forever Metals Lifetime Trade In Policy

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Forever Metals offers 50% or more discount on all tungsten wedding bands and tungsten rings.

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Lifetime Trade in is an added incentive to shopping with Forever Metals. The lifetime trade in allows our customers to take a 50% value on their current ring style and put it towards another ring that is double in price to the trade in value. For Example, the original ring purchased was $100. The trade in value is $50. You can take that $50 and put it towards any merchandise $100 or more. If you chose another $100 ring then your additional out of pocket would just be $50.

The lifetime trade in can be used at any time after the initial 30 day return or exchange period. There is no exclusions to the new ring style purchased as long as it is double in value to your trade credit. The credit can be put towards any ring or size including customizations. Please contact our Sales staff to begin your trade in or click here to contact Forever Metals.

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Forever Metals is a premium quality tungsten rings seller. Forever Metals started in 2005 and now has become a global supplier of tungsten rings with over 600+ best tungsten ring designs in stock.

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