Inlay Rings

Concept of inlaying with base tungsten ring serves a wonderful combination of affordability and elegance. They are strong metals which are virtually indestructible and thus give longevity to the ornaments made from it.

Inlay Rings

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1. Durable: Being itself a strong metal, the strength of tungsten further increase when it is framed and worked to design it with inlaid materials. This makes the product in its formation last many long year of wear.

2. Affordable: Unlike gold and silver, tungsten is a metal which is affordable. Manufacturing of tungsten products are less compared to other metals because tungsten is manageable even in its molten state.

3. Bright: it can be said for Forever Metals wedding bands that fashion and tradition co-exist in a distinguished form. Tungsten rings are lustrous and bright and are not scratched so easily.

4. Unisex: Many of the rings are suitable both for men and women. The designs are so trendy that it suits every gender. The purity of this metal represents the strength of passion towards life and reflects inner beauty and sincerity of the person wearing it and thus catches every eye.

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