Braided Silver Infinity Rings

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The Infinity braided inlay is a full made to order ring. The polished tungsten with the braided silver inlay adds a subtle two tone appearance that makes the ring so unique. Customers can choose their comfort levels by choosing the width of the ring. The comfort fit, as always, will allow for an all day pinch free fit.

The Metal that is used is a Nickel Binder that is higher in quality in comparison to cobalt.  Cobalt is a inferior binding agent which may darken the color of  the ring over time.  Cobalt is most common in lower cost tungsten rings.  This is due to the rings being mass produced in countries other than the United States.

Available in a single braided ring named Mithras braided silver infinity rings.

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Ring Size

7 3/4, 8, 8 1/4, 8 1/2, 8 3/4, 9, 9 1/4, 9 1/2, 9 3/4, 10 1/4, 10 1/2, 10, 11 1/4, 11 1/2, 14 1/4, 14 1/2


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