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Divinity Religious Christian Band 8mm sold at Forever Metals

Divinity Religious Christian Bands 8mm
Divinity Religious Christian Tungsten Cross Rings 8mm
Divinity Religious Christian Cross Bands 8mm
Divinity Religious Christian Rings 8mm
Divinity Religious Christian Tungsten Rings
Divinity Religious Christian Cross Rings
Divinity Religious Christian Bands 8mm
In Stock Sizes:

Width: 8mm Step Down Edges

Divinity Ring Was: $289 USD
On Sale Now: $99 USD Laser Engraved Cross Ring

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Description: Divinity all polished tungsten ring with step down edges and laser designed crosses around the ring. Divinity has a comfort fit and is a popular selling tungsten ring.



    Name: Divinity Tungsten Ring
    Category: Cross Tungsten Rings
    Metal: Nickel Binder Alloy Tungsten Carbide
    Brand: Forever Metals
    Width: 8mm
    Shape: Step Down Edges Flat Surface
    Color: Silver Tungsten
    Finish: Ultra Polished Silber Tungsten Laser Engraved Finish
    Comfort Fit: Ring Runs True To Size
    $40 Inner Diameter Engraving Available
    Forever Metals offers Engraving on all merchandise purchased from our company. A fee of $40 is charged for engraving which can be ordered through our engraving tab. Engraving orders are a final sale and not subject to returns or exchanges. For custom engraving please contact our Sales staff. Engraving options are endless. We offer both inner and outer diameter engraving. However inner diameter engraving is our default option. For outer diameter engraving please contact Sales.
    Free Ring Box: Forever Metals will deliver your new Forever Metals brand tungsten ring in a handcrafted wooden box monogrammed with our name. This is to ensure the safety of your purchase and to show our appreciation that you chose us to be part of your jewelry purchase.
    We consider our warranty to be the best in the business. We truly care about our customers and stand behind the quality of merchandise that we sell. Our warranty covers all cracks or breakage to the tungsten metal only. If, at any time, your Forever Metals brand tungsten wedding band cracks we will replace the ring with no warranty, repair or restocking fees. Many companies claim to have lifetime warranties only to charge a $50+ deductible when taking advantage of the warranty. Forever Metals does not practice this and will even send you the replacement for no charge.

    Sizing Exchanges: If the ring has cracked due to being too loose then we understand a smaller size may be needed. Our free lifetime warranty service covers the original size ordered. If a new size is requested at the time of warranty replacement then a size changing fee will incur. The price to change a size under warranty is $40 that is billed out to the customer.

    Laser engraved personalization: We only warranty rings that have been engraved by Forever Metals. If the ring has been engraved by another store then a fee of $40 will incur at time of replacement. The $40 will be billed to the customer and includes all shipping fees.

    Black and Gold Tungsten Rings: Do not be fooled by companies claiming that colored tungsten will look great for life. This is not possible. Colored tungsten is extremely durable, however, it is just a plating. There is no true way to color a tungsten ring throughout. The metal is too tough and dense to perform this color change. Colored tungsten can scratch and fade over time. If, at any time, your black or gold ring begins to look anything less than beautiful we will replate your ring. By replating the ring will bring your ring to new condition. This service will fall under a repair and there will be a fee. The fees to replate a black or gold ring is $40. This covers both the replating and the shipping back to the customer.

    Precious Metal Inlays: Precious metal inlays are not as durable as tungsten. Forever Metals repairs tungsten metal only. If you have purchased a ring with a precious metal inlay the ring will have to be manufactured as a new ring. The price on all precious metal inlay repairs is 30% of the original purchase price. The time frame on all precious metal repairs is approximately 4 weeks.

    Inlays Consisting of Wood, Shell or Carbon Fiber: Forever Metals warranties the tungsten metal only. If you have purchased an inlay that has cracked or pulled from the ring we will repair the ring as a service. The pricing is replace the inlay is $40 that is billed out to the customer. This covers both the repair and shipping fee back to the customer.

    Custom Ring Orders: Custom ring orders have been specifically made per a customer request. To replace a standard tungsten ring custom order the ring will need to be remade. The price to replace a custom tungsten ring order is $60. The time frame to replace is approximately 4 weeks.
    Free Delivery: Forever Metals offers free worldwide shipping for your initial purchase of your Forever Metals Brand Tungsten Ring. Forever Unites States customers we offer free Priority delivery which is a 2-4 business day service. Forever International customer we ship using USPS First Class Mail International Insured. Shipping International can take 7-10 business days. We do not cover customs fees and the customer is responsible for paying the customs fees they are charges upon delivery.

    For Upgraded delivery we offer an Express Option for Unites States customers. Unites States Priority Express will take 1-2 business days guaranteed. For upgraded International Shipping please contact Sales. We will be happy to upgrade your shipping for an additional fee depending on the requested Option.
    Exchanges: Forever Metals offers a 30 day exchange on all new unworn merchandise. You are welcome to exchange for size or for a different ring style. If the requested ring is higher in the dollar amount then we will send you an electronic invoice to pay the difference. If the ring requested amount is less than the current style we will credit your account once the ring is received. Custom and engraved orders are handcrafted to specifications and are a final sale which may not be eligible for exchange.
    Returns: Forever Metals honors a 30 day hassle free return on all unworn merchandise. If you want to process an exchange please refer to our separate exchange instructions. Custom and special engraved orders are handcrafted to specification and cannot be returned under any circumstance. There are no restocking fees associated with returns. Shipping and handling charges are non refundable and customers assume return shipping and handling costs. Free shipped items will incur shipping charges if returned.

    All merchandise must be returned in new unworn condition in the original packaging. In the event you return an item, please track and insure your package for that Forever Metals will not be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. To process a return please refer to the form below. Once you complete the online return process an auto generated email will be sent to your email providing return instructions.

    Why Choose Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands? Forever Metals offers only high quality tungsten carbide rings at prices couples can afford. We stand behind our products 100% by offering returns, exchanges and a lifetime guarantee free of deductibles. All of our products offered are cobalt free. Cobalt can lead to skins reactions such as a rash or irritation. Cobalt will also oxidize rather quickly leaving your ring dull or even black in color. The Forever Metals brand tungsten ring is tested for quality through properly controlled measures ensuring only the best is being sold to our customers.

    Forever Metals has not only the largest but also the most unique collection of tungsten wedding bands. Our online collection has more than 600 styles. Not to mention the custom options are endless. We offer engraving including the popular fingerprint engraving and handprint engraving. Shop with confidence when choosing the Forever Metals brand. We promise to not disappoint.

    What is a Comfort Fit? A comfort fit ring is slightly larger or domed in the inner diameter where the ring lies against the finger. A standard fit is not domed on the inner diameter and the entire ring lies flat against the finger. A comfort fit is most commonly found on hard metals that are unable to be sized. These metals consist of tungsten, titanium, ceramic and cobalt chrome. The advantages of a comfort fit tungsten wedding band is so the ring glides over the knuckle and creates a pinch free fit.

    Are tungsten rings sizable? Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide the metal is not sizable. Forever Metals offers a 30 day exchange to find the perfect fit. We understand that buying online can be difficult. We want to make this process enjoyable. Exchange the ring as many times as needed to find the perfect fit.

    What is the most common ring widths for men? We are asked this question frequently. Typically in brick and mortar jewelry stores the common widths are between a 6mm and 8mm for men. The most common widths we sell are between 8mm and 10mm for men. It is really a matter of comfort. Plus most rings take getting used to, especially is worn by a first time ring wearer. Give it time. Most will feel comfortable with their ring after a week of continuous wear. Then you won’t even know it is there.

    What is the most common ring widths for women? The most common ring widths we sell for women is between 2mm and 6mm. Women’s fingers are typically smaller than men resulting in needed a thinner width in a smaller size. We accommodate smaller widths in most of our styles. If you see a ring that is not available in a thinner width we can most likely manufacture. Contact Sales for custom requests.

    Are men and women’s sizing the same? Men and Women go off of the same sizing chart. If you are looking for a ring there is no need to differentiate between men and women’s sizing. They are the same. All of the rings we manufacture are considered to be unisex. It is all a matter of comfort level.

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    Cross Rings and Tungsten Bands

    Tungsten rings and wedding bands have increased in popularity over the years, now being purchased by both men and women. Tungsten bands come in an endless array of style possibilities, many companies even customizing rings to suit individual needs. Women have become to purchase matching wedding rings for themselves in thinner widths so that their rings may remain feminine yet extremely durable. Many companies now sell tungsten rings. Local jewelry shops tend to carry the simple yet classic style that grab the attention of the majority of shoppers. To find unique styles the internet is most likely your best place to shop. The internet is also the best place to receive the best deals on rings. Searching the internet for tungsten rings you will find that the price point can be found to be very low for some online stores, whereas you will also find rings at a higher price. Many wonder why the drastic differences in price and if the rings are equal in quality. Doing your research you will find that the equality of tungsten wedding bands can be both poor and excellent. Many companies attempt to lower costs by using a cobalt binder over the popular nickel binder.

    Cobalt is an inexpensive binding metal that binds with the oils in your skin. The binding will result in oxidation of the metal. An oxidized ring will quickly turn from dark silver to black. The black will appear to look the same as tarnished silver. Nothing can be done to prevent this from happening. Cobalt can also cause severe reactions with the skin which will make wearing any ring very uncomfortable. You will find that the companies that sell low priced tungsten wedding bands are most likely using cobalt and will not offer warranties to replace your ring.

    A nickel binder is hypoallergenic , balanced and will not oxidize the metal. A nickel bound will also not cause reactions with the skin which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Companies that use a nickel binder are selling a higher quality product, therefore prices will reflect that.

    A companies warranty is also important to read about when making a purchase. Companies with a Lifetime Warranty typically stand behind their product quality in anticipation that nothing may go wrong. This is an important factor to look at.

    Whether you are shopping for wedding bands, promise rings or even a fashion ring, tungsten rings are the right economical choice to choose. Tungsten wedding bands are brilliant, beautiful and durable. What more can you ask for when making a purchase that represents a lifetime.

    Last Updated: April 9, 2017.