Cross Rings

Forever Metals carries a wide array of symbolic or religious rings to use as wedding bands, promise rings or even to just express your religious values. Examples of our Religious and Symbolic rings include cross rings, knot work rings, Greek Key rings and Triquetra (Trinity) rings.

Cross Rings

Showing 13–14 of 14 results

Showing 13–14 of 14 results

Symbolic or Religious Cross Rings by Forever Metals

Forever Metals carries several cross rings from simple purity rings to more detailed styles with complimenting artwork or shading. Our bestselling cross ring is our Trinity ring which is available in several widths along with being available in two finishes to allow our couples to shop with ease. The Purity tungsten ring sis our most simple cross ring style featuring the lustrous high polished finish with the laser engraved simple cross pattern that circles the ring. The Purity has been a best seller for couples shopping for pre-engagement rings, better known as a Promise ring.

Knot Work Rings:

Knot work rings will be located under our Celtic rings category. The knot work rings with the symbolic Claddagh symbol is our best-selling ring styles of all time! The knot work in both simple and a more detailed form represents so many thongs within the design. Celtic knot work styles typically represent love, unity and life all within the design. Check out the symbolic Claddagh rings located under the Claddagh rings category – so popular it warranted its own category.

Greek Key Rings:

The symbolic Greek Key is linked with many meanings with many believing it represents a maze or labyrinth. Other possible meanings have been linked to symbolize bonds of love and friendship which is what we interpret the design to represent. The Greek has be used as wedding bands or engagement rings for all of History.

Triquetra Rings:

The symbolic Triquetra is a symbol consisting of three points within the weaving. The design is meant to symbolize people or ideas occurring in a group of three. The Groups of three commonly are grouped as mind, body and soul or earth, air and water. Many people also look as the three points referring to the family unit or as the religious aspect of father, son and Holy Ghost.

Symbolic or Religious

Whichever style is chosen we promise to provide customer support for the duration the ring is worn through our Lifetime Warranty policy. Our lifetime warranty covers the tungsten metal against and cracking or breakage that may occur under accidental forces. Forever Metals also offers repair services to cover any inlay replacements, fading of our black and gold plated rings and laser engraving that has faded. Laser engraving is covered as a repair however it is extremely rare that the engraving will fade or dull. Shop with confidence when choosing the Forever Tungsten™ brand!

Last Updated: April 20, 2017.