Can Tungsten Rings be Cut Off?

Yes, tungsten rings can be cut off.  If a medically necessary situation arises tungsten rings can be cut or fractured into pieces using a vice grip pliers.  Vice grip pliers are used to fracture the ring at different points allowing the ring to fall from the finger in pieces.  Hospitals are equipped to handle this procedure if the incident occurs.

In our many years working with tungsten metal we have only heard of a few incidences where a ring needed to be cut off in a medical setting.  In most cases tungsten will crack into several pieces if subjected to any major force.  Tungsten has been known as the ideal metal for those that work with their hands.  If your finger gets crushed while wearing a gold band, chances are the gold band will bend with the finger.  In turn possibly taking most of the finger with it.  Tungsten will crack under pressure allowing the finger to be free from the metal.

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